For those who want to get a nice butt, we will introduce the best glute workout that you can feel free to do at home.

Introducing this time is a nice butt muscle training that incorporates ballet movements that even beginners of muscle training and those who are not good at muscle training can easily do.

With beautiful butt muscle made with the best exercise for buttocks that incorporates ballet movements, you can get not only beautiful buttocks that draw supple curves, but also slatted legs and beautiful posture.

Before starting the glute workout, there are 4 types of buttocks

Square butt

It is characterized by having fat around the waist, hips and a square butt shape,

that is often used by people with long experience, and if you put effort into your buttocks, you can also see dents like dimples. It is important to train your buttocks and back muscle, as it is possible that your back muscles are weakened and fat is accumulated in your lower back .

Sagging butt

The characteristic of the hanging butt is that the position of the butt is lowered and the boundary between the thighs has disappeared. It is thought that the cause is the accumulation of fat around the buttocks due to pelvic distortion and lack of exercise.

It is a typical type of buttocks muscles that are weakened, so it is important to train the “hamstrings” muscles on the back of the buttocks and thighs .

Flat butt

The flat butt is characterized by its wide spread, without a fluffy three-dimensional effect. It is often found in people with genu varum, and the buttocks may look large.

It is important to do posture improvement stretching at the same time as strength training of the buttocks .

Upper buttocks

Has a high top position on the buttocks, and is an ideal shape that is plump and rounded. Fashion that clearly shows the body line such as skinny suits you. It looks and feels great, so it’s important to do continuous strength training so that your buttock muscles don’t weaken. So, that’s going to be through the best exercise for buttocks.

Let’s get started.

Muscles to train to have butt with glute workout.

Gluteus maximus

The gluteus maximus is the muscle that wraps around the entire buttock and is easily touched when the buttock is pinched. It exerts its strength when maintaining posture and walking, so if the gluteus maximus is weakened, it not only causes a drooping buttocks, but also interferes with personal life .

Gluteus medius

The second largest muscle after the gluteus maximus. It is attached to the side of the pelvis and works when standing on one leg to balance. If the gluteus medius muscles are weak, the posture may collapse when walking or running, which may put a strain on the hip joints and knees.

Gluteus minimus

The gluteus minimus is a relatively small muscle that cannot be touched because it is deep. Like the gluteus medius, it works when opening and balancing the hip joint, and when walking. It is difficult to consciously train the gluteus minimus, so it is common to train it at the same time as the gluteus medius.


By training not only the buttocks but also the muscles on the back of the thighs, you can get a nice buttocks with a clear boundary between the buttocks and thighs.

Hamstrings, commonly referred to as the back of the thighs, are important muscles that produce lower body movements.

Now the best glute workouts.

Folded squat

Best exercise for buttocks

It’s one of best exercises for buttocks

Open both legs slightly wider than the shoulder width, and open the toes and knees diagonally outward at 45 degrees. Raise your navel and crown to stretch your back and lift your heels. Put both hands on your hips.

Folded squat is a nice butt muscle training

Continue to pull up the crown and drop the pelvis down. While inhaling, return to first position and repeat 10 times.

It is useful for tightening the inner thighs together with the buttocks.

Folded side squat

The second best exercise for buttocks

Close your legs and stand straight, with your toes facing outwards and your hands on your hips. This is the basic position!

Take a breath and lift your left foot to the side while being conscious of pulling up the top of your head.

At the same time as landing, exhale and drop the pelvis to get into a squat position. At this time, the correct answer is that the pelvis is in the middle of both feet!

While pulling up the top of the head, take a breath and raise one leg to return to the basic position. 10 times each on the left and right. 

lift leg

best exercise for buttocks

Turn your toes diagonally outward with the closing both feet and opening from the hip joint.

Put both hands on your hips and pull your right foot back. The toes are facing outward.

Raise the top of your head and move only your legs up and down without moving your upper body. 10 times each on the left and right

By training the muscles of the buttocks and back thighs, you can aim for a stylish body with no extra meat on the back of the lower body.


Kneeling squat

best exercise for buttocks
Kneeling squat exercise

Stand on your knees and hold both elbows in front of your chest. Pull up the crown and navel.

Kneeling squat While sitting, nice butt muscle training

Lower your hips while inhaling. When you lower your heels to the limit, exhale and return to your basic position. Do 20 times

The trick is to pull your hips around when you return to your basic position. 

Leg circle while lying down

lying hip side exercise
lying hip side exercise

Turn sideways with your left foot down and bend your left knee. Adjust so that your left elbow is directly below your left shoulder, and set your right foot diagonally in front of your left foot.

Lift your right foot. Lift up above your shoulders. 20 times each on the left and right

When you lift your right leg, be careful not to lean your upper body forward. Instead of lifting quickly , be aware of your buttock muscles and slowly .

After the beautiful buttock muscle training, stretch to soften the buttock muscles.

If you stretch it, it will not be a hard line, but a feminine curved nice butt

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