sugar effect to the body?

Do you want to give up sugar?

Does sugar-free diet has an impact on your body?

Here are some physical changes you would expect when you make a sugar-free diet.

sugar effect to the body
What happens when you give up sugar

Nutella in the morning, latte, Apple pie after lunch, cake and so on. Sugar is everywhere. It is well known that sugar is anything but healthy and it makes you fat. It damages our intestinal flora , increases insulin resistance, promotes diabetes and promotes tooth decay – and these are far from all health problems. We hear that sugar is addictive. However, there is no scientifically prove.

But why does sugar taste so good to us? We like it sweet because a sweet taste signals to our brain that something is ripe and edible. Sugar also makes us feel happy. If sugar is fed to our body, it needs more insulin to metabolize it. When insulin is released, the happiness hormone serotonin start releasing more frequently.

How giving up sugar affect the body?

We observe our need to sleep during the day and we feel always sleepy in the office, while driving etc. So, that is a normal result of sugar consumption and excess the insulin production up to the peak point. The issue that damage the pancreas and damage the body. Other than so many bad impacts we are going to explain.

When we eat a food that is high in sugar, that is, with a high glycemic index, such as pasta or bread , when this is digested it causes a rise in blood sugar (that is, blood sugar levels) and in order to lower it, the body produces insulin. The more insulin produced, the more fat your body becomes, the less insulin produced, the more weight you lose.

If you want to try to avoid sugar for a few weeks or go completely sugar-free, you will notice some physical changes:

1. You have less energy and are tired

Since sugar counts as an energy supplier, you will notice a drop in performance. You may have headaches, be tired, and more irritable – it’s because your sugar metabolism is messed up. Your thoughts revolve around sugar and sweets – you lack the reward effect.

So, it is a temporary situation for sure untill you get in the healthy mood and start the ketosis situation, by forcing your body to change its energy resource from sugar and carbohydrates to fats.

You can refer our previous article about ► Ketosis

2. You get cravings

When you eat sugar and get high insulin resistance, and high sugar level in blood as a result. You are going to feel listless and listless and resort to sugary foods. So, you have to break this bad cycle when you get off sugar, and experience craving between your meals.

The thing you should focus is: to keep the insulin resistance low, and maintain the sugar level. You can drink water regularly or eat a handful of nuts. Then, few days after you will not face this feeling of hunger between meals. So, it will decrease step by step, and the feeling of satisfaction will be instead.

3. You get blemishes

Due to the change in diet, your body detoxifies – and excretes it through your skin. In the first two weeks you can therefore suffer more from pimples and blackheads. In the long run, however, avoiding sugar has a positive effect on your skin.

giving up sugar skin effects
giving up sugar skin effects

4. You sleep better

Too high insulin levels cause restlessness and poor sleep . If you cut out sugar, you will find that you will sleep better and more deeply. In addition, lack of sleep means that you have to compensate for the lack of energy in other ways. This usually happens through food and sweet snacks. Better sleep prevents such lows.

sugar effect to the body
Sleep better when you stop eating sugar

5. Your sense of taste improves

Sugar withdrawal also affects your sense of taste. The taste buds on your tongue will recover and you will begin to taste natural sweetness more clearly. In the long term, you find sugary foods such as chocolate or gummy bears too sweet, which clearly prevents you from snacking.

6. Your breath will be fresher

After just a few days you will notice fresher breath. This is because bacteria are less able to multiply without sugar. You may also notice that your tongue will feel less furry.

7. You lose weight

Another positive sugar effect on body is losing weight. Because you cut down on empty calories and instead eat healthy foods. First of all, your belly fat will melt away.

How long sugar withdrawal lasts varies from person to person. Some people no longer have any symptoms after a few days, others suffer from the withdrawal symptoms for around two weeks. After a week, however, you should see an initial improvement.

Give up sugar weight loss
Give up sugar weight loss are more fertile

What we eat is crucial for hormonal balance and consequently for fertility. Ingesting a lot of sugar causes the release of insulin , a hormone that when overproduced can create resistance in the ovaries.

The consequences are a higher risk of suffering from the disease PCO syndrome and to damage the ovule.

10.protect the heart

Reducing sugar consumption also means reducing your risk of heart attacks , according to an article published in the Journal of the American Heart Association reviewing the dangers of sugar to heart health .

Another study, compared the effects of more or less high sugar consumption on blood pressure and lipids (fat and cholesterol) in the blood, both of which are cardiovascular risk factors not to be underestimated .

The results clearly showed that sugar has a direct effect on heart disease risk factors with a likely impact on blood pressure, regardless of weight gain.

11.Help the liver

For what concern Liver , on the other hand, excess sugar can have a toxic effect similar to that caused by excessive alcohol consumption . According to recent scientific studies, there is indeed a connection between an increase in transaminases and liver damage, the so-called fatty liver and excessive sugar consumption.

The data that emerged showed that the risk of fatty liver disease (steatotic liver disease) increases by up to 61% in people who consume large amounts of sugar . When sugar enters the liver in excessive amounts, it is converted into fat and creates insulin resistance i.e. the cells become resistant to this hormone which is produced in greater amounts by the pancreas (increased insulinemia), leading to hypertension which is Metabolic Syndrome .

What happens to our brain?

Sugar acts like a kind of medicine on the brain: the two types of substances activate the same neural circuits, triggering the dopamine release process that produces instantaneous pleasure . Not only that: just like substances, a kind of addiction arises as more and more sugar is needed to reproduce the same well-being in the body. For that, when you stop eating sugar the brain experiences a kind of “withdrawal crisis” : but don’t worry, a little willpower and a pinch of determination are enough to give it up and see all the benefits of a sugar-free diet .

sugar effect to the body
Stay happy when you stop eating sugar

Healthy sugar alternatives

However, in order not to exceed the consumption of sugar, there are some healthy alternatives that can very well compensate.


In particular, we can resort to natural sweeteners like fructose, honey, molasses, agave syrup and maple syrup. Don’t let the term “natural” fool you: sometimes they too go through manufacturing processes where their vitamin and mineral content is very similar to sucrose. So try to choose them.


Then there are the artificial sweeteners which are synthetic sugar substitutes, sometimes made from natural substances. This type of products can prove to be very useful as an alternative because they have practically no calories is a small amount is used , since they have a very high sweetening power.

The best known and most used are the acesulfame K, aspartame, cyclamic acid cyclamate (and its sodium and calcium salts) and the saccharin (and its sodium, potassium and calcium salts), which are both available as table sweeteners in powder, drops – or tablet form are available on the market.

Finally there are the sugars alcohol, which despite the name do not contain alcohol, but are carbohydrates that occur naturally in some fruits and vegetables and are also artificially produced. The most commonly used in Italy are sorbitol (or sorbitol syrup), maltitol (or maltitol syrup), mannitol, l’ isomalt, xylitol and lactitol .

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