To guess what are the walking benefits and the benefits of walking everyday. We need to start speaking about how healthy is walking. Here we go! The complete guide.

Live healthy by walking and getting enough exercise.

Walking reduces the risk of developing diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and Alzheimer’s.

Walking makes the body fit, helps losing weight, reduces the stress, and relieves the back pain.

Something we might experience in summer time holiday when move a lot leave and reducing sitting in front of computer screen and cell phone. Then we all observe this dynamic change in our body, how the motion relieves the back pain.

Therefore, experts recommend 10,000 steps of daily walking.

It might looks as a lot. So, you can start by 4,000 steps and increase them daily step by step to reach your goal of 10,000.

When you go for a walk, you don’t just keep your heart going.

Daily walks not only keep you physically fit. Regular ?exercise keeps your circulation going. This improves your heart’s pumping ability. In this way, even cardiovascular diseases, which affect more than a quarter of the population can be prevented.

walking benefits
walking benefits

Daily walk positive effects.

Walking is not just for musculoskeletal system(including muscles, tendons, and ligaments).

But also other organs get benefits from daily walking ?exercise.

When you take a walk in the countryside, even your eyes benefit. They can relax while walking outside with a view into the distance and are also better supplied with oxygen. The well-known itching and blurred vision after long periods of work in front of the computer and the deterioration of eyesight can be prevented in this way. Next time, just walk a few hundred meters along a stream or river, listen to the rushing water and explore the most beautiful green spaces in your district.

Walk keeps your brain healthy.

The movement also stimulates the exchange of oxygen in the cells themselves, which not only benefits every single cell in your body, but also your mental ability.

Your brain is supplied with more oxygen when you walk and is therefore more efficient.

In addition, such a walk-in nature is a good moment to switch off your thoughts and give your brain a break.

Walk is something amazing for your soul.

So, not only the positive effects on the body speak for the daily walk, but also those on the mind:

Just concentrating on the surroundings and the walk itself can recharge your batteries.

You can let your soul dangle, leave the stressful everyday life behind for a few minutes and instead listen to the birds chirping or the brook murmuring.

In addition, you usually feel better afterwards because you have done something for your health. The conscience is at peace. 

In the cold season, we often find it difficult to find our way outside. But the hunger for light is great. When there is little light, our body produces more of the hormone melatonin, which makes you tired and sluggish.

The best antidote to this is: get out. Even when the sun isn’t shining, it’s good for us to be out in the fresh air.

walking benefits
walking benefits

In winter, the vitamin D level in the body also drops in everyone. For some more, for some less. More than 60 percent of Austrians suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. Going outside can help there too. But catching enough sun in winter is not that easy in Austria. You can read more about what you can do against a vitamin D deficiency in the article  Lack of vitamin D.

How to get 10,000 steps a day

Walking 10,000 steps a day is might to be a lot. If you start with hardly any movement, it may sound daunting and impossible to do at first.

But since it is often not the knowledge that fails, it is beneficial to start with smaller amount as we mentioned in the beginning of this article.

Any movement is better than none. So, try to reach your goal step by step.

Here are a few tips for everyday life:

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Next time, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

If you must walk to your office on the fifth floor every day, that’s quite a lot. You don’t want to appear in front of your colleagues sweaty and out of breath.

That’s why it’s worth walking one floor at first and taking the elevator the rest of the way until the day you can walk to all five floors without much effort.

More motivation for walking with pedometer.

Sometimes it helps if you set playful goals. Pretty much every smartphone now has an app that automatically counts and shows you how much movement you have already made. The results are saved automatically, and you can track your success and the route daily. That makes walking even more fun! But don’t forget to change the route and direction regularly so that you don’t get bored while walking.

You can park further away.

You can park a few hundred meters away from your destination. Then you walk the rest of the way.

In a city, you can perhaps save yourself the endless search for a parking space and still not lose any time.

Have some fun.

When you meet up with a friend, take a walk and explore nearby hiking trails before heading to the coffee shop.

As a reward, there’s coffee and maybe even a piece of cake. 

Move meetings outside

If you have a meeting at work, it makes sense to move the meeting outside and combine it with a walk.

Turn walk to daily routine.

Turning new habits into routine takes time. That is why it is important to rely on perseverance.

Especially at the beginning, when you start walking, it is important to keep looking forward to the upcoming walk and to be aware that the 20 minutes required for this are not too heavy routine.

If you consider the above tips, you hardly lose any time when going for a walk. At some point you will get to the point where you can no longer imagine two days without a walk, and daily walking will become a routine.

When walk becomes a daily routine. It is going to be like a source of energy and happiness. Thus, you can not imagine then any passing day without enjoy walking and get that amazing feeling coming from the benefits that our body always need.

walking benefits
walking benefits

Calories consumption by walking

While walking burns fewer calories than running, you also spend more active minutes. The ?calorie consumption itself depends on: age, weight, ?fitness level, tempo, route etc.

However, we can say that the speed at which you move is particularly important. If you stroll a little on the street and in shops, you burn fewer ?calories than if you walk briskly.

So, we can list those benefits as following.

  • Higher level of calories burned come from your fat reserves.
  • Walking is easy on your joints and muscles. So, it’s great if you’re struggling with joint problems and should avoid running. Even with sore muscles, you can swiftly relax your muscles.
  • You can burn more than 200 calories with a one-hour walk!


Any movement is better than none, which means that just half an hour’s walk a week can make a difference. And the more you move, the better it is for your body and mind’s health. Because he who rests rusts. 

Moving more every day doesn’t mean you have to train for a marathon or go to the gym every day. Small changes in your daily routine, such as going for a walk, are often enough to make your everyday life more beautiful.

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2 years ago

I appreciate both the clarity and enthusiasm of the voice in this guide. When I was teaching, I would every now and then take my classes outside. Never often enough for the students!

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Your article helped me a lot, is there any more related content? Thanks!

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Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.

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