How to stay younger looking? Why do some people look younger than their age?

If it is possible , you want to seem as young as it possibly can do. So this time, I will explain the most important features that are common to both men and women who look young.

Also, I will introduce the habits of people who look younger than their actual age, so please refer to those who are worried.

By the way, there are so many persons who want to look always younger than they seem! Certainly, there are people who look young forever in companies and entertainers .

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the common points of people who look young, the characteristics of people who look old, and how to deal with people who look young.

It’s all easy to put into practice, so be sure to aim for someone who looks younger forever.

What do people who look younger than they look like have in common?

1. Always smile

why do i look younger than my age
why do i look younger than my age

People who are alive no matter how many men or women they become have a youthful impression. In particular, people who keep smiling always give a bright impression, so they should look younger than their age. You also feel that you are active and want to be close.

Also, with smiling, you can keep away from negative thoughts and remarks, so you can keep youthful.

If you ask your self why do i look younger than my age?

Or, why do i look so young?

the answer is : you always smile.

2. Have a well-organized lifestyle and build a healthy body.

why do i look so young
why do i look so young

As you get older, health management and physical condition management become important points.

In particular, to maintain youthfulness, unbalanced eating habits and lack of sleep are super negative habits.

When the nutritional balance is going down, it not just causes poor physical situation, but also loses the vitality and brightness of the skin.

In addition, quality sleep is essential to support the physical fitness that declines with age. You look young because you have a regular life and basic lifestyle habits.

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3. Exercise and muscle training are daily routines.

why do some people look younger
why do some people look younger

People who look young incorporate exercises such as muscle training and running into their daily routine.

By making it a habit to build physical strength suitable for age, it is also characterized by maintaining an attractive style that does not make you fat or sagging.

Also, I haven’t forgotten to supplement my physical strength, which declines with age, so I can move smoothly without getting heavy in any scene.

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4. Speak loudly, not sloppy.

You can’t feel youthful from someone who isn’t confident and unreliable. People who look young are confident in themselves and have solid opinions and beliefs, so they can talk to any beautiful women in public.

The young appearance is admirable for both men and women.

I am not neglecting to improve myself so that I can be confident in myself as I get older.

5. Always striving for higher goals without using age as an excuse.

People who look young that they never forget the challenge as well.

The point is that you can always upgrade to a new self without giving up saying “I can’t challenge anymore” .

Since I have a vision to aim for, I will work positively on my work and hobbies, and naturally I will have more positive thoughts. It is also a characteristic of people who look young that they never forget the challenge.

6. I’m in love.

I’m in love I doesn’t matter when or how, love will lift your feeling up . By falling in love, you will never forget your crush.

By falling in love, you will be able to feel “fun” and “happiness” in even the smallest things in your daily life. By feeling happy from the bottom of your heart, you can shine from the inside. No matter how many times you get, you want to have a shining love.

7. Positive personality that always brightens the surroundings, not negative.

It is also a characteristic of a person who looks young that he always has a positive thinking personality while accepting the mind and body that change according to the life stage .

I don’t think things pessimistically, so just being together makes me happy. In addition, it has a positive effect on the surroundings, so it is often popular naturally. One of the great attractions is that you can have a good time while involving the surroundings.

Five characteristics of “female” who look younger than their actual age.

Let us talk about the features of women who look younger than their actual age . For women, make-up and fashion affect age. Please refer to what kind of things women who look young care about.

1. Fashion coordination that keeps the trend down.

what makes you younger
what makes you younger

Things that become less trendy and fashionable as we get older. It’s easy to surrender and say, It’s not for me or say, Fashion is not important to me.

No matter how many people look young, I try to keep the trend in fashion . Some people are good at incorporating trends according to age, and may want to imitate them.

2. Hair has luster and volume.

There is no lack of hair care that affects a woman’s first impression. We regularly take care of it at the hair salon so that it does not lose its luster and volume.

If you are concerned about gray hair or volume reduction, you can change to a hairstyle that covers it.

People who seem younger than their age are always do the best ways to look the most beautiful .

That’ s how to look younger after 40, or 50 or whenever.

3. Clean skin with no wrinkles or nasolabial folds.

► The skin is a point that makes you feel age.

what makes you younger in the first place is the skin and the hair.

That’s why it’s necessary to choose the skin care which suits our age.

So, what is the common thing among the people who look younger? is that their skin is clean.

In addition, wrinkles and nasolabial folds are not noticeable, and the fact that you do not feel aging is also a big attraction. We are also focusing on daily skin care so that we can look younger.

4. There is no swelling on the legs and it keeps a slender style.

As you get older, your basal metabolic rate decreases, so you naturally become more likely to gain weight. That’s why it’s easy to get fat around your abdomen and it’s easy to swell.

However, young-looking women incorporate exercises such as stretching and muscle training to help maintain a slender style.

5. Use natural make-up instead of flashy make-up.

Knowing the makeup that suits you is also a characteristic of women who look young.

If you use dark make-up to hide wrinkles and sagging that are noticeable as you get older, it will make you look older. To be precise, if you put your foundation in a correct way, that will make you feel age.

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Women who look young wear natural make-up that takes advantage of their strengths, and even light make-up does not bother wrinkles and sagging.

Why do some people look younger than their age?

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Four characteristics of male who looks younger than their actual age.

Next, I would like to introduce the common points of men who look younger than their actual age .

It can be seen that various efforts are being made to make people look younger than their actual age, such as their appearance and behavior. Please check the points.

1. We take measures against gray hair and thinning hair, and we pay attention to hair by going to famous beauty salons.

For men, the hairstyle is a concern as they get older. Depending on the person, gray hair and volume down may be noticeable. If you leave it as it is, “I can’t help it because I’m old”, I’ll be away from the youthful impression.

Many men who look young go to famous places and beauty salons and are particular about their hairstyles . We strive to look younger by incorporating hairstyles and hair items that cover thin and white hair.

2. The spine is stretched out.

Posture that is the key to the first impression. If your back is curled up or leaning to either side, you will get an unreliable impression.

A man who looks young knows that his posture affects his impression, so he can stand with his back straight and his chest stretched .

It is also characterized by its beautiful behavior such as how to walk and how to sit, and the fact that it has movements that do not make you feel age.

3. I try to wear clean clothes.

Fashion that tends to be neglected as we get older. I think there are many men who wear several suits and outfits, thinking that they are already old and that they are the same no matter what they wear.

Men who look young are always trying to keep their fashion clean and age- appropriate . You can stick to your own way of showing while incorporating the trends of each generation.

4. Always boldly trying new things.

Don’t make it an old tale to challenge something, such as “I pursued my dreams when I was young” and “I had many goals in my twenties.”

Men who look young do not stop trying , setting their own goals and ideals no matter how many times they become. You can pursue what only you can do without using age or position as an excuse.

That is why youthful energy and ideas never cease.

Six habits make look much younger in other people’s eyes.

Habit 1.

Hairdressing at a hairdressing shop popular with younger generations
Hairstyle is also a point that influences your first impression, so let’s take the plunge and make a makeover to dispel the current image.

If possible, we recommend a beauty salon that is gaining popularity from the younger generation who can adopt

trendy hairstyles . You should be reborn as a different person while covering your worries.

Habit 2.

Daily skin care to moisturize the skin.
Wrinkles, sagging skin, and nasolabial folds are the points where you can feel aging.

These do not go away in a day, but they can be alleviated little by little with moisturizing care and skin elasticity improvement care.

Don’t neglect skin care every day after washing your face or before going to bed so that you don’t become shaved for three days . You can improve the effect by using the skin care that suits you.


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Habit 3.

Do muscle training to build a beautiful body.
It is unavoidable that it becomes easier to gain weight with aging.

That is why it is important to build a body that can maintain your current body shape without leaving it alone.

It ‘s a good idea to incorporate muscle training and running on a regular basis . If you can’t keep up by yourself, one way is to go to the gym and train with your friends and coaches.

Habit 4.

From actual age to about 5 years younger fashion.
If you always have the same fashion and the same shades, try fashion that incorporates trends!

In particular, if you are conscious of fashion outfits around the age of -5, you will end up with a different look than you used to be.

Habit 5.

Sing songs that are popular with people in their 20s and younger generations.

That give you access to young energy and culture.

So, let’s go out and take dinner with younger generations, including those in their twenties, and experience the cultures and ways of thinking of different generations.

I ‘m sure there will be new discoveries and inspirations that have never been seen before.

Habit 6.

Increase metabolism with proper diet and quality sleep.
With age, basal metabolic rate and physical strength inevitably decline. If you leave it as it is, you will move away from people who look young.

Therefore, try to have a proper sleep and a balanced diet so that you can maintain your basal metabolic rate .

It is also important to try to live a regular life as much as possible so that you can lead a healthy life both physically and mentally.

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