When you’re in your 40s, the fine lines around your eyes and the corners of your mouth are getting lower and you are worried about the nasolabial fold.

So we need to talk how to stay younger looking with makeup.

With the conventional makeup method, there is a problem that it looks old. However, you need to be careful because flashy makeup looks too old. This time, we introduce a special way to make you look younger with natural makeup.

How to stay younger looking using makeup
Makeup to look younger at 40’si

You are worried about changes in your skin, so let’s focus on makeup! … And aren’t you just obsessed with hiding here as well? For makeup in your 40s, over-applying or over-filling is counterproductive. Sometimes it’s called “painful makeup” …

It is important to use techniques that are not too much for makeup in your 40s and to create a polite and delicate finish. Pleas

e note the following three points when applying make-up.

1.Base makeup trapped in a rough cover

Do you reapply foundation or concealer every time you find something you want to hide? With such makeup, the finish will be powdery and the skin will look dull. If you apply make-up to the unevenness of the face such as sagging and wrinkles.

Even if it looks flat at first glance, it will get into the groove over time and the sagging and wrinkles will become more noticeable.

stay younger looking with Base makeup trapped in a rough cover
Wrinkles makeup

2.To stay younger looking! Too much eye makeup gives impression of being old. 

The eyes look is the most important point in the topic “makeup for younger look”

When you start to worry about sagging eyes, you tend to overdo eye makeup. You put glitter eyeshadow, thick eyeliner, and mascara applied 3 times! Those who cannot get out of such youth makeup should be careful. Eye makeup that is too dark gives the impression of being old and can be seen above age.

Rough lip makeup to stay younger looking

3.Rough lip makeup to stay younger looking

Nasolabial folds and sagging corners of the mouth become noticeable, and the depth of vertical wrinkles on the lips and the thinness of the lips become a concern.

But isn’t your lip make-up done like you did when you were young? You only have to apply lipstick until your early 30s. Let’s stick to the make-up that shows elegance.

Did you know that just because you want to look younger doesn’t mean you just have to apply a lot? From here, I would like to introduce three important points that you should actually pay attention to in your daily makeup, but before that, the most important thing is skin care before makeup.

Pre-makeup skin care has a great effect on the finish and make-up collapse.

So, be sure to take proper skin care.

If you neglect skin care and apply base makeup to dry skin, you will get a powdery finish that gives the impression of aging. Not only that, the dryness of the skin causes excess sebum to be secreted, making it easier for makeup to collapse.

Base makeup that covers slack to stay younger looking

A.Base makeup that covers slack with beautiful luster

Creating a beautiful and glossy base is one of the essential makeup points to make you look youthful. Carefully apply a glossy skin type liquid foundation or a paste-like emulsion type to the skin that has been moisturized with skin care. By shining light on the skin, you can blur the roughness of the skin and cover it naturally, as if you layered a veil on the sagging skin and wrinkles. Gloss should be applied to high-faced parts such as the cheekbones, nose muscles (above the nose), and chin. In addition, by glossing under the eyes, you can make the dents and slacks you care about look plump.

If you don’t have that much time to make up, it’s a good idea to use CC cream, which combines the effects of foundation and foundation.

For face powder, put the T zone, which is easy to lose makeup, on the main. For the rest, brush it gently to leave a glossy texture.

Improves wrinkles and prevents stains while making up For moisturized, transparent and glossy skin

B.Eye makeup that is not over-decorated for much younger looking

Eye shadows that are too dark will look dented around the eyes. Also, dry lashes like hijiki will cast shadows under the eyes. Such makeup tends to be seen above the actual age. Therefore, if you make your eyes look natural and three-dimensional, you can give an elegant and age-free impression.

Eye shadow

Coarse particles such as lame tend to accumulate in fine wrinkles, and wrinkles are emphasized. Choose a bright eyeshadow with fine particles and a pearly look to give a three-dimensional effect to your eyes and cover wrinkles .


 If there is slack around the eyes, a shadow called “black bear” will be created. By placing highlights and brightly colored concealer on the shadows, you can make your eyes look plump and make the slack less noticeable.


Make sure to put the eyeliner thin on your lashes so that you don’t insist. You can cover the slack in the outer corner of the eye by drawing an eyeline about 2 mm longer only at the outer corner of the eye.

C.The contour of the mouth is beautifully improved!

As the lips grow older, the contours become blurry, the vertical wrinkles become deeper, and the lips become thinner. In addition, the nasolabial folds stand out, which makes them look older.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to make the nasolabial fold less noticeable and to make it carefully with the lip. 

Here are some ways to make your mouth look youthful.

Border the shape of the lips with a lip pencil. By using a lip pencil, the contours of the lips, which tend to be blurred, look beautiful, and it also has the effect of making it difficult for lipsticks and glosses, which tend to bleed due to vertical wrinkles, to bleed.

To cover the deep vertical wrinkles on your lips, apply a lipstick base that has a high moisturizing and serum effect, and then apply lipstick . It has the effect of making vertical wrinkles on the lips less noticeable and making the lips look plump. Also, by adding a small amount of gloss to the center of the lips, the vertical wrinkles will be less noticeable.

Nasolabial folds that become more noticeable due to sagging cheeks and dryness. If a shadow is formed here, it will give the impression of aging at once. Put powdery highlights on the nasolabial fold and cast shadows with brightness .

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Be much younger looking
Be much younger

We introduced glossy base make-up, eye make-up that does not overdo, polite lip make-up, and make-up points for people in their 40s.

The more you want to look younger, the more you want to cover it with your hands, but you can see that making the makeup look natural makes it look more elegant and youthful.

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