Why do i have a double chin when im skinny?

what are the causes of double chin?

Why do I have a double chin when Im skinny?

Very important questions, we are going to answer it.

And see, How long does it take to get rid of a double chin.

What causes double chin?

One of the causes of double chin is thought to be that waste products and water accumulate around the neck and become fat.

Of course, there are cases where fatness and aging.

However, in fact, it is said that not only that, but a little lifestyle and posture habits may be the cause of the double chin.

Let’s look at the specific causes one by one to see if they apply to you in your daily life.


Double chin occurs not only due to the stagnation of waste products and water, but also due to the overall accumulation of fat and the progression of obesity.

If you get fat due to a disordered diet or lack of exercise and get fat around your face, you will need a diet to eliminate it.

Especially when subcutaneous fat accumulates, swelling and cellulite are likely to occur.

When it turns into stubborn fat, the double chin eventually becomes difficult to eliminate.

As you get older, the muscle strength that supports the subcutaneous tissue and the tissue that keeps the skin firm start weaken, and fat tends to adhere to the lower half of the face, so “sagging” emphasizes the double chin more.

Those who are prone to obesity need to review their daily habits.

why do i have a double chin when im skinny?

Poor posture

Poor posture can lead to disruption of blood flow and accumulation of waste products.

The posture of leaning forward with a rounded back, which is often seeing in desk work, tends to cause the face to face downward, so waste products and water tend to accumulate around the cheeks and chin and sag.

In addition, if the face remains forward for a long time, it may cause congestion and impair the flow of blood and lymph around the neck and shoulder blades, causing headaches and stiff shoulders.

The muscles that support the head are more strained than you might think, and just correcting the position of your face can help you get rid of the long-suffering shoulder stiffness.

why do i have a double chin when im skinny?

Rolled shoulder

The posture in which the shoulders are curled up and inside is called “rolled shoulders”.

It is a common condition for people with stoops and desk work, but if you have a habit of “rolling shoulders”, you will have

double chin symptoms in conjunction with the effects of neck fatness, bust drooping, neck and shoulder stiffness, etc. It will come out.

If you put your shoulders forward, you’ll see that even lean people have a good chance of having double chin.

This “rolled shoulder” is also a symptom that tends to occur due to weakening of the large muscles of the scapula and loss of flexibility.

Regular rotation of the shoulders and movement of the scapula will prevent double chin before the “rolled shoulders” become habitual and harden.

Body distortion

People who cross their legs or wear a cheek stick, who have a habit of standing with their weight on one leg, or who hold a bag with the same hand every day are more likely to have a double chin.

This is because the left and right muscles are distorted, and some muscles are not user, which causes the body to lose balance and make it difficult to maintain a good posture.

Poor blood circulation and fat accumulation begin in places where muscles that we are not using or where they are overloaded, and body movements become unbalanced.

The laterality of the muscles and skeleton works together to cause distortion of the whole body and cause double chin.

Be aware that double chin and chronic stiff shoulders, low back pain, and sagging symptoms occur at the same time.

Smartphone neck

People who spend a lot of time looking at their smartphones also tend to have double chin.

In the correct posture, when the bones from the spine to the neck are viewing from the side, a gentle S-shaped curve is drawn.

However, when looking at the smartphone, the neck bones are stacking vertically (straight neck).

If this condition continues for a long time, the movement of the neck becomes inflexible and hardens.

Over time, fat tends to build up around the neck, which has a narrow range of motion, which can result in a double chin.

why do i have a double chin when im skinny?

 You don’t chew too much when eating

The decrease in the chances of modern people eating hard foods is also considering as one of the reasons why the number of people with double chins has increased.

The more soft food you have, the less you chew naturally, because you can swallow it without chewing too much.

When you chew less often, you don’t have to move your jaw and your jaw muscles weaken.

Muscle weakness due to aging

Other possible causes include weakness of the facial muscles and neck area due to aging.

A thick fat layer exists in the subcutaneous tissue of a person from the cheek to the chin.

Therefore, the weakening of the facial muscles makes it impossible to support this fat and causes it to fall below the face.

Also, like the face, the skin around the neck loses its elasticity and flexibility, and at the same time, the muscle strength that supports them also weakens, and it is thought that it is easy to connect to the double chin.

As people who are obese tend to age, in addition to sagging, fat accumulates under the chin without resisting gravity, emphasizing the double chin.

What are the key points to eliminate double chin?

There is more than one cause for double chin, and in most cases various causes are linked and occur in a complex manner.

Introducing daily habits and simple exercises so that you can improve the causes of double chin one by one.

Immediate improvement of long-standing habits can be difficult.

However, if left unattended because it is difficult, the improvement of the double chin will be farther away.

If you are worry about double chin or want to improve, please start from where you can.

Adjust your posture

The easiest solution is to get in shape.

In order to improve blood circulation and shed waste products, it is a step to get rid of it by getting into the habit of stretching your back and adjusting your posture.

If you feel that your posture is not good, try touching it from your chin to your neck while looking in the mirror.

You may feel the slack in your chin when you are looking forward with your posture correct.

Those who mainly work at desks and remotes, and those who are not good at exercising and do not move much, need to be conscious of the sitting posture.

Even when traveling a short distance, pull your head back and stand straight so that you don’t have “rolled shoulders” or “stoops” when standing.

By walking with the back and thigh muscles in the correct posture, each skeleton and muscles work well and you can prevent double chin.

Follow the steps below to create the correct posture.

why do i have a double chin when im skinny?

How to make a correct standing posture

how to get rid of double chin
how to get rid of double chin
  • Stand with your legs spread as wide as your shoulders.
  • Raise your heels and let it rest for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat it 3 times.

How to make a correct sitting posture

  • Sit a little shallower than usual.
  • Keep the soles of both feet on the floor.
  • Stretch your back as if you were pulling your arms up same as the meditation posture.
  • From the stretched state, slowly spread your arms to the left and right while lowering your arms.

The posture after lowering the arm is a beautiful posture.

how to get rid of double chin

Let’s do it while being aware of the back line.

Also, when looking at your smartphone, raise it to the height of your line of sight as much as possible to reduce the burden on your neck and shoulders and reduce the risk of double chin.

It is also important to consciously arrange it so that it is symmetrical as much as possible, and to train the inner muscle with light exercise.

why do i have a double chin when im skinny?

Eliminate the rolled shoulder by stretching

Rolled shoulders, which can cause double chin, could be improving with daily awareness and stretching.

One of the effective stretches is the soft-shelled turtle stretch.

By loosening the scalene muscles on the nape of the neck, swelling of the neck is eliminated.

It is effective not only for double chin but also for people who have stiff shoulders.

  • Cross your hands and place them under your collarbone, pull your hands straight down and stretch your neck.
  • Lift your chin up
  • Tilt your neck to the right for 5 seconds, tilt to the left for 5 seconds, make this one set, and repeat 3 to 5 sets.

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Make it expressive

In addition to preventing double chin, strengthening facial muscles has various benefits such as making facial expressions lively, brightening the mood, and preventing poor circulation and sagging.

There are some exercises to train your facial muscles, but first try to laugh a lot and spend your time expressively.

We always say that the smile is the one that uses the facial muscles most.

By laughing a lot, not only the double chin but also the muscles of the entire face are used, so it can be expected to lead to measures for old faces.

It has been scientifically proven that showing a smile to a person amplifies the feeling of happiness for both the other person and oneself.

Even when you are alone, just by keeping a smile on your face, it has the effect of resetting stress, boosting immunity, and relieving anxiety and tension.

From time to time, try to consciously smile and do facial muscle exercises to change your mood.

By doing so, you can train your facial muscles while also providing mental care, aging care, and double chin measures at the same time.

why do i have a double chin when im skinny?

Smooth lymphatic flow with massage

Massage mainly the lymph nodes that improve the flow of lymph around the face, such as the occipital lymph node, submandibular lymph node, and otogai lymph node.

How to massage the submandibular lymph nodes

  • Apply massage cream to the entire neck
  • With your right hand, pull up the face line from under your left chin to under your ears with your fingertips.
  • Lymph drains from under the ear down the side of the neck to the clavicle indentation

How to massage the chin lymph nodes

  • Make your hand goo and bend only your index finger to make it into a key shape
  • Place the key part of your index finger on the muscle “geniohyoid muscle” that runs vertically from the depression in the back of the chin.
  • Apply pressure with a painful strength about 30 times, and shake it to the side while pushing it to loosen it.

By approaching these lymphs, you can expect not only improvement of double chin but also small face effect.

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Move your mouth and tongue well

By getting into the habit of chewing well on a regular basis, the muscle strength of the lower jaw will be strengthening and the slack will be reducing.

Let’s chew firmly and eat with a goal of 30 times.

It is also recommended to be aware of foods that you chew well, such as dried squid, rice crackers, potato kenpi, burdock, salmon toba, and kelp.

In addition to chewing well, the following exercises that move the tongue and mouth can strengthen the facial muscles and eliminate double chin.

Exercise with your tongue up

  1. Look at the ceiling with your face up.
  2. Open your mouth and stick your tongue straight up from the base of your tongue.
    When it sticks out to the limit, release the force, apply the force again, and repeat the operation of pulling out about 10 times.
    You will gradually feel tired and tired, so please continue until that happens.
  3. When you feel tired, put your tongue back in your mouth.
  4. Perform about 5 sets of operations from ① to ③.
how to get rid of double chin
how to get rid of double chin
how to get rid of double chin
how to get rid of double chin

Exercise to move the tongue left and right

  1. Look at the ceiling with your face up.
  2. Put your tongue straight up and swing it left and right like a wiper.
    Do this about 10 times.
  3. Put your tongue back in your mouth when you’re done.
  4. Perform about 5 sets of operations from ① to ③.

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how to get rid of double chin
how to get rid of double chin
how to get rid of double chin
how to get rid of double chin

Mouth crunching exercise

Just open and close your mouth about 10 times a day when you notice it.

Please go with the image that the fish and fish are out on the surface of the water and eating food.

why do i have a double chin when im skinny?

 Use swelling elimination goods and skin care items

Daily skin care is also important to eliminate double chin.

Use beauty essences and face masks that have a lift-up and tightening effect, and use facial equipment to train facial muscles.

A variety of products are on sale, such as massage goods that loosen the areas that tend to harden, such as the bite under the ears and the temporal region, and the bulkiness that improves the sagging of the skin.

Please purchase and try what you are interesting in.

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