face exercise to lose fat.

Have you ever heard that “facial muscles are important to prevent facial aging!

Facial muscles are the muscles that exist on the face. However, unlike the abdominal muscles and limb muscles, it is difficult to be aware of where the muscles are on the face. As a result, many people are unable to use their facial muscles well and fall into “lack of facial exercise.”

If you lack exercise in your body, your waist will disappear and your buttocks will sag, and your body line will collapse. Similarly, lack of exercise on the face can cause aging, such as “sagging of the face,” “wrinkles,” and “collapse of the face line.”

Therefore, this time, we will introduce “how to train facial muscles” to eliminate lack of exercise on the face and create a clean face.

face exercise to lose fat
Facial exercise

Firstly, check the location of the “facial muscles” that are difficult to be aware of.

The facial muscles are shown in the right half of the illustration below. Please touch your own face while looking at the illustration. It will be easier to understand if you actually move it.

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Of these facial muscles, the following five facial muscles are especially important for creating a youthful face. Let’s introduce each in turn.

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Frontalis muscle

The frontalis muscle is the muscle in the frontal region (forehead). It is used to raise the eyebrows and create horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. All the skin on the face is connected by one piece. If the frontalis muscle is weakened due to lack of muscle strength, it may contribute to the lowering of the entire face, so it is a muscle that you want to train firmly.

Orbicularis oculi muscle

The orbicularis oculi muscle is the muscle that surrounds the eye like a “ring.” Used to open and close the eyelids. When the orbicularis oculi muscles weaken, the upper eyelids may dent or the lower eyelids may hang down, which is directly linked to the appearance of old eyes. It is an important muscle to keep youthful eyes.

Zygomaticus major muscle

The zygomaticus major muscle is the muscle that starts from the zygomatic bone and attaches to the skin of the corners of the mouth. It works to raise the corners of the mouth upward and outward. If the zygomaticus major muscle is strong, you can keep the shape of the cheeks and make a youthful smile.

Levator anguli

The levator anguli muscle is the muscle that attaches to the skin of the corner of the mouth, starting from the depression under the tear bag. It works to raise the corners of the mouth. It is a muscle that you want to train firmly to maintain a youthful corner of the mouth that is pulled up.

Orbicularis oris

The orbicularis oris muscle is the muscle that surrounds the mouth like a “ring.” It is used to open and close the mouth. Weakened orbicularis oris can cause wrinkles and sagging in the mouth. The so-called “umeboshi wrinkles” that form on the upper lip are also due to the weakening of the orbicularis oris muscle.

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5 ways to train your facial muscles

Once you can imagine the location of the facial muscles, it’s time to train. It is finally the beginning of “facial muscle training”.

Even if you say muscle training, there are only things that you can sneak in during the “clearance time” in your daily life. Let’s try it right away.

Yoga lion pose

There are many poses in yoga that can approach the weakening of facial muscles. Among them, the “Lion Pose” is a pose that stimulates the five important facial muscles mentioned above.

face exercise to lose fat
Yoga lion pose

Sit upright and rest your wrists on the floor. Relax your neck and shoulders.

After inhaling slowly, exhale from the bottom of your abdomen with the voices of “Har” and “Ah”. Eyes glare at the top. Make a scary face with as much force as possible on the facial muscles, and push your tongue down.

If you exhale all the breath, 1. Return to. After adjusting your breathing, inhale and then again 2. to hold. Repeat this about 5 times.

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Toothbrush / exercise

“Toothbrush Exercise” is a training that you can do using your daily toothbrushing time. By strengthening the buccinator muscle that connects to the orbicularis oris muscle, you can expect the effect of preventing nasolabial folds and increasing the angle of the mouth.

Place the toothbrush on its side, hold it in your mouth, and close your upper and lower lips tightly.

After pursing your cheeks and taking a slow breath, keep this condition for 8 seconds.

Turn the toothbrush so that the back of the toothbrush touches the inside of the left cheek, and then slowly rotate the toothbrush three times from top to bottom so that the nasolabial fold extends from the inside.

If your mouth is dry, it will damage the mucous membranes, so after brushing your teeth, clean your mouth and then keep it moisturized.

Chew well

“Chewing well” in your daily diet leads to training of your facial muscles. In fact, the muscles used to chew are not facial muscles. It is a type of “skeletal muscle” called “masseter muscle”.

So, by moving the mastered muscle firmly, you can stimulate the facial muscles (orbicularis oris muscle, zygomaticus major muscle) around the mouth. In fact, the act of “biting” itself leads to muscle training of the facial muscles.

The masseter muscles work when chewing hard food. If you tend to choose only soft foods, be sure to include chewy foods in your diet. Raw vegetable sticks such as cabbage and carrots, and vegetables with high fiber content such as burdock and lotus root will improve the chewy texture. We also recommend devising staple foods such as changing white rice to brown rice and bread to French bread.

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Laugh a lot and be surprised a lot

When you actually move the facial muscles, you may notice that “the facial muscles that are important for keeping youthful move well when you laugh or be surprised.”

face exercise to lose fat

For example, when you laugh, the zygomaticus major and levator anguli muscles are used, and when you are surprised, the frontalis and orbicularis oris muscles are used. The orbicularis oculi muscle is used when you are really laughing or surprised instead of making a smile.

“People who are always laughing and curious” often look youthful. The secret may be in “how to use facial muscles”.

Laugh a lot and be surprised a lot. Act with interest in various things and enjoy yourself with a smile. Such a posture can be said to be the best facial muscle training.

Feeling a lot of emotions leads to facial muscle training

Facial muscles, as the name implies, are the muscles used to express facial expressions. The weakening of facial muscles means that there are fewer opportunities to move facial expressions.

No matter how many times it becomes, it has an overflowing sensitivity and expresses it frankly without hesitation. After accumulating such rich emotional experiences, youthful and trained “clean face” will be completed.

That’s exactly what it means to have a way of life. Feel a lot of emotions in your daily life and train your facial muscles.

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