In this article we are going to know how to get flatter stomach fast.

Whether man or woman, whether as a New Year’s resolution or as a challenge before the summer vacation.

There is a diet goal that you meet practically always and everywhere: the stomach has to go! There is often helplessness: how to get flatter stomach fast?”.

this is the question many people ask themselves who want to reduce their belly fat.

And that’s where we’re already right on the subject.

Because if you want to get rid of belly fat, you have to lose weight – through the right diet and through exercise. Find out here how you can realize your “belly away” project as quickly as possible!

Belly fat is not just belly fat

Word has gotten around that belly fat is considered a health hazard . But what does the term “belly fat” actually mean in this context? Is it the tangible fat deposits that have settled over the belt? No, these pads are made of subcutaneous fatty tissue and are more of an aesthetic than a health issue. Reducing that belly fat is more for the beach body than the next health check.

When people talk about dangerous belly fat, they mean “visceral fat” or “intra-abdominal fat” . This fat is located in the abdomen and surrounds the organs located there, especially those of the digestive system. Externally, this type of belly fat is not visible.

However, you can usually tell that there is an excess by looking at the abdominal circumference.

Because this increases with the amount of visceral fat from a certain point.

For men, therefore, a waist circumference of more than 94 cm is considered a health risk.

In women from 80 cm.

If the circumference exceeds the value of 102 cm (men) or 88 cm (women) there is a greatly increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Apple vs. pear shape

People tend to be divided into apple and pear types. In the pear type , fat is mainly stored as subcutaneous fatty tissue on the hips, thighs and buttocks. Women tend to belong to this type. But why does a woman often want to lose weight primarily on the stomach, when there are certainly fat pads in other places?

The fact that these curves on buttocks and the like are not critically as the bacon on the stomach is probably culturally determined or an expression of the zeitgeist: A round buttocks.

which is formed by muscles but also by fat – is a characteristic for many people female attractiveness, especially now.

Curvy hips are also appreciated by many people, after all, a pronounced hourglass shape is unthinkable without a little something on the hips. And the thighs? Here there is the Internet trend “thigh gap”. But it’s also a fact: During puberty, girls’ thighs become fuller. Legs that you can look through are therefore not a sign of mature femininity for everyone – on the contrary!

That leaves women’s stomachs: fat deposits in this area used to be rated just as positively as padding in other areas. In the meantime, the tide seems to have turned: A fat belly is not appreciated, at least in the media mainstream. So it’s no wonder that many women want to lose weight, especially on their stomachs.

If most women are pears, then most men must be apples . This type has most of the fat in the abdomen. Sometimes the satchel, popularly known as thebeer belly, is huge, although legs, arms and bottom are downright gaunt. The abdominal wall can be firm like that of a slim man. So men who want to get rid of their stomach primarily target the inner abdominal fat.

The reasons for this different distribution of fat between the sexes could be evolutionary : Since the abdominal cavity of women has to be kept free for pregnancy, they are more likely to store subcutaneous fat tissue.

Stone Age men, on the other hand, were probably mainly entrusted with the procurement of food, i.e. the (hunting) hunt, so they needed their fat in a place where it restricted their movements as little as possible. In addition, visceral fat is stored faster, but also converted back into energy faster than subcutaneous fat. This is also an advantage when hunting. At that time, of course, there was no such thing as mass available food, which leads to enormous fat storage.

How do I get rid of my stomach?

how to get flatter stomach fast

You now know what an apple and what a pear type is, and you can certainly estimate which genus you belong to. But either way, your goal remains the same: you want to get rid of the belly, whether you need to get rid of belly fat in the abdomen or just under the skin. In the end, the pants should fit again or the weight should drop so far that you are fit and feel good.

By the way: Both good (subcutaneous fat) and bad abdominal fat (visceral fat) develop when you eat too much. And similarly, you can lose both belly fats the same way: by losing weight.

Lose weight quickly on the stomach – is that possible?

how to get flatter stomach fast

Sure, that’s possible! But maybe not in the way you imagine. The stomach may be one of your problem areas, maybe even your only one. But you can’t lose weight specifically on your stomach . If you take in more calories than you expend, your body stores the excess energy in its fat cells. You cannot influence which cells he chooses for this. And you can’t influence whether your body breaks down belly fat first or fat that’s stored somewhere else when you’re in a calorie deficit.

But chances are that if you use a successful dieting method like the formula diet , you’ll also lose belly fat . The faster the kilos tumble, the faster your stomach will probably be gone. Curious? In this article there are many tips about losing weight faster.

How do I get a flat stomach? – This question brought you here. The answer is: through exercise and through dieting . Both are equally important for anyone whose goal is to lose belly weight.

Let’s start training. How does it have to look like? The perfect “stomach off” training must fulfill two tasks:

burn calories

how to get flatter stomach fast

Strengthen the muscles

If you want to train away belly fat – which, as described, means nothing more than reducing your overall body fat percentage – you should boost your calorie consumption and metabolism. This makes it easier for you to get into a so-called calorie deficit – i.e. to burn more calories than you take during the day.

Many everyday activities such as walking, cycling or cleaning as well as regular endurance or interval training boost your calorie consumption. If you now make sure that you eat and drink about 500 fewer calories every day than you will consume in total, the question “How do I get rid of my stomach?” is basically already answered: Yes!

But there is still a problem to be avoided: The body does not only store excess energy in the fat cells. The muscles also represent an energy store that is tapped into in times of a calorie deficit. That means: If you just eat less and move more, you will eventually lose your stomach, but unfortunately also part of your muscles. Even if you think you don’t have many of them – it doesn’t matter: the ones you have will shrink.

And that is not good! Why? From a medical point of view, because strong muscles support your musculoskeletal system. And from a more dietary perspective, because muscle burns calories. So the more muscle you have, the better it is for your stomach loss diet.

If you don’t have a job that requires you to work hard physically, the method of choice is: strength training 2 to 3 times a week – preferably in addition to other training. If you rely on the basic exercises such as squats , deadlifts or shoulder presses, you demand a lot of muscles at once and can also look forward to a correspondingly high calorie consumption. In addition, these exercises performed with barbells make special six-pack training largely superfluous. If you want to show off your abdominal muscles better overall, there is nothing wrong with abdominal muscle training .

Do strength and endurance training in a row?

how to get flatter stomach fast

In principle, you can tick off the training goals “train away belly fat” and “strengthen muscles” immediately afterwards – even if this is of course quite strenuous and time-consuming. You should then complete 3 to 4 of these workouts per week (with at least 48 hours of rest in between).

Start with a 15-minute warm-up, for example on the ergometer. That burns a few calories and gets your pulse going. Then do your strength training for the next 30 to 45 minutes and add another 30 to 45 minutes of cardio training (including cool-down) to that.

This order is useful because you should have your main energy and all your concentration available for strength training . Because this is more strenuous and more demanding in terms of coordination than an endurance unit.

Increase calorie consumption with supersets

how to get flatter stomach fast

If you are in relatively good shape and highly motivated and can implement this method at your training location, then you can complete your strength training in so-called “supersets” . You do not take a break of 60-180 seconds between the individual sets of an exercise, as is usually the case, but complete the sets of a second exercise during the breaks .

As a result, the effort of the training increases, the pulse increases and the calorie consumption is higher. If you also mainly focus on basic exercises, you will burn up a lot of calories in half an hour of strength training and can reduce the endurance training accordingly .

Strength endurance training , as the name suggests, is between strength training and endurance training in terms of the type of load . This means: The duration of the load on a muscle is longer than in training for maximum strength or muscle building, but shorter than in endurance training.

Strength endurance training is therefore a good compromise for anyone who wants to lose weight on their stomach or in general: the muscles are noticeably challenged and the calorie consumption is high. You shift your strength training into this range by choosing the weights so that repetition numbers of 15 to 100 are possible.

Or you leave the weights behind and do a sport that primarily requires muscular endurance, such as swimming, rowing, cycling, boxing or martial arts . Many classes, such as aerobics , offered at gyms also fall into this category.

The transitions to endurance sports are of course often fluid here: for example, fast crawling requires more strength than leisurely breaststroke. So when you train, remember that your muscles should be really tired at the end – and accelerate!

The Belly Losing

Sport and exercise in general are only half the battle with the losing weight on the belly project. The other half comes from a sensible stomach-loss diet. It ensures that you will really get rid of the belly fat.

What does that look like? You learned above that you should aim for a calorie deficit of around 500 a day. This ensures constant success on the scales without putting the body in an energy-sapping state of deficiency. After all, you need strength for your training.

In addition to the calorie deficit, what you eat is also important . Above all, proteins should be mentioned here: They should form at least 20 to 25% of the macronutrients you take in . With a protein diet or with a focus on protein-containing foods , you prevent the breakdown of your muscles, because protein is the main substance that muscles are made of.

If the body has sufficient dietary protein available, it can use it to carry out the repair work on the muscles damaged by training. As an energy reserve, he then mainly uses the fat cells and the energy from the carbohydrates eaten.

Speaking of energy

Carbohydrates are the nutrient that most effectively provides us with energy. In particular, simple carbohydrates from foods containing sugar provide the body with large and rapid amounts of energy . This is good in situations where you need a lot of energy, such as before or after exercise. But often the concentrated load of carbohydrate calories is not consumed at all. The energy is then quickly stored – as glycogen in the muscles and liver, but often also as abdominal fat.

If you want to lose belly fat, our recommendation regarding food is: Rely on protein-rich foods, high-quality fats, lots of fiber and avoid everything that contains a lot of sugar (sweets, soft drinks, but also juices and sweet fruit in large quantities). In other words, go low-carb . Of course you can lose weight this way.

10 tips for losing belly weight

And here are the 10 best tips on how to get rid of your stomach :

Losing weight on the stomach means: losing weight in general!
Maintain a calorie deficit of around 500 per day! Calculate your calorie needs now.
Increase your calorie consumption through endurance training and exercise in everyday life!
Do strength training to maintain and strengthen your muscles!
Eat a high-protein, high-fiber diet with healthy fats
Prefer low-sugar foods. You can refer to our article “What happens when you stop eating sugar
Drink lots of water!
Make sure you get enough sleep!
Avoid stress !
Set yourself intermediate goals and be patient!

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