Getting falt stomach

Getting flat stomach is a matter of concern for many people, and it is very important.

It is known that the abdominal area is one of the most important areas. It highlights the beauty of the body for both men and women.


getting flat stomach

getting flat stomach



Usually, any clear protrusion in this area leads likely to an unpopular shape of the body, which leads to dissatisfaction and loss of confidence.

But, if you are one of those who have a prominent abdomen and want to get rid of it, here are a set of steps and tips to follow to reach the required ideal result.

So, let’s get started.


 1-Flatten belly foods:

flatten belly foods

flatten belly foods


Before going deeply in getting flat stomach, we should mention that many people neglect food type.

Most of the people think the exercise is sufficient, but the opposite is true. 

The quality of food is much more important than ►exercise, and it is enough to get a flat stomach without resorting to ►exercise

This must be accompanied by some patience. Patience is the key to the success of anything.

What you shout do?

Firstly, you should completely stay away from any type of sugars and carbohydrates such as bread and white rice for a specific period.

The reason is sugars and carbohydrates raise insulin resistance in the body, which leads to increased fat absorption,

and increasing a permanent feeling of hunger. 

As well as, the stomach’s size increases to accommodate a large quantity of food, and keep continue to increase its size and capacity.

Insulin Resistance:

Therefore, maintaining an appropriate quality of food will lead to a decrease in insulin resistance, decreasing the constant feeling of hunger, and contract the size of the stomach, which helps a lot to reach the desired results.

It is worth mentioning here, that the first three days of this diet may be difficult for some people, but with patience and persistence in the first few days, we will have a significant impact on the body’s response and start to fade the difficult feeling of hunger, feeling light, comfortable and permanent vitality.


Here is the ideal way to follow this diet.


1 breakfast.

Breakfast divides into two parts

getting flat belly

getting flat belly
















First part:

Eat one or two types of fruits rich in liquids and natural sugars, such as oranges, kiwis, or any fruit.

Pay attention that there are no more than two types and that the quantity is not exaggerated.

That preferably in the early morning hours. 

Second part:

The second step for getting flat stomach is to eat the daily breakfast with a type of vegetables, after 30 to 60 minutes of the first meal of fruits.

And remember that not to eat complex carbohydrates and sugars.

So, you can eat eggs or dairy and cheese, even if it is full-fat and preferably full-fat to avoid not feeling of hunger later on.  You can eat legumes and olives, and there are many, many varieties available. 

And here is a very important note, which is to change the type of morning fruit every day and try not to repeat the same type for two consecutive days.



 2 lunch.

Lunch should be very rich in important nutrients such as proteins and vitamins.

It is preferable to eat red meat, chicken or fish almost daily with vegetables.

Stay away from bread and sugars.  It is worth noting the need to eat the natural fats, because of their important role in feeling full and their great benefits.

The natural fats are found in olive oil, meat fat, natural animal butter and cheeses. 

Note that eating it in reasonable quantities, and pay attention that the lunch meal should be fatty enough, and that you should stop eating before you feel full.

The feeling of fullness will begin to appear twenty minutes after you stop eating.


foods to flatten belly

foods to flatten belly


As for the allowed carbohydrates, they will be oats by placing a small amount in the soup or unhulled wheat in an amount not exceeding 100 grams.

Or brown rice in an amount not exceeding 100 grams as well, noting that you should not eat carbohydrates more than twice per week.


3 dinner.

For getting flat stomach, dinner will be one of the types of fruits that were eaten in the morning, and there is nothing wrong with cheese, eggs and dairy products, but in smaller quantities.  Dinner must be early, at 7 pm at the latest.


4 What if a person feels very hungry between meals or at night?

Of course, this is very possible, especially in the early days, and this matter should not be ignored.

Here you must eat any kind of nuts, cashews and peanuts, and the quantity will be the size of a fist.

What will happen in the first days?

The body begins to get rid of the excess fluids inside it, and the weight will begin to drop significantly, then this drop in weight will begin to stop and move to the phase of gradual fat burning. 

Person begins to feel comfortable, physically and psychologically, and continues to be active.  As we mentioned earlier, patience in the early days is very important for the transition to the stage of getting used to.



Now, we know how to get a flat stomach and ideal body. So, let us speak about physical ►exercise.

Excessive ►exercise with diet leads to an intense feeling of hunger.

Thus corrupts the diet and corrupts body balance. 

The intense exercise will be after flattening the stomach. 

The big mistake that many people make is the intense and stressful exercise in the phase of getting rid of fat.

So, they think that this helps in burning fat and neglect that it also contributes significantly to increase feeling of extreme hunger, the thing that force to eat large quantities of food that have much more calories than the person burned during ►exercise.

But if you are the king of person who prefer doing exercises, you can do some cardio in this period as a type of fun, such as biking for example, without doing too much effort.

You can refer to Loosing fat cardio by clicking here Loosing fat cardio    

In our case, we have to pay attention not to do exercises intensively.

But after reaching to the desired weight, we can follow the tips that existing in the above mentioned article.

Then, that will help a lot to build our new amazing body and get a toned stomach. 


how to get a flat stomach?

how to get a flat stomach?




Therefore, we recommend walking 4 or 5 times a week for only half an hour until you reach the stage of a flat stomach.

So, if there is no way for walking, then there is nothing wrong with this.

As the stage of ►exercise will come at a later time to reach the beautiful view. Then we can go on and start  exercising.


3-Is it healthy to have one day a week to eat freely?

In fact, in this type of diet it is not recommended taking a day to eat freely on a weekly basis, especially in the first month. The free day can be taken every two weeks. So, once the stomach begins to flatten, you can start taking a free day once a week.

The reason for this is that the stomach during the diet shrinks to become sufficient for a simple amount of food.

So, the person’s small meal becomes a satiating meal, and this continues permanently.

Unlike other types of diets whose person returns to greater than his previous weight.


4-Effect of sleep on the success of the diet

The sleep system is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of this system.

Which is the need to wake up early every day and sleep early as well.

Many of those who followed this system did not survive to reach the desired results, and some of them did not succeed at all until they organized their sleep as was mentioned.


4-The difference between the keto diet and this diet.

In fact, the keto diet is very effective and loses weight quickly and remarkably.

As it depends on one type of food, either proteins from various sources with stopping carbohydrates or carbohydrates from various sources with stopping eating proteins, regardless of the quantity of food, no matter how much it is. 

And the results in weight loss are fast and amazing.  But most people who follow the keto diet return to the previous weight or even more weight.

But in this diet, we focus heavily on eating small meals to reduce the size of the stomach and absorb it for food as much as possible.

So, that leads to the stability of the stomach on a small size, which reach to the stability of weight and not returning to the previous weight even if we break the diet.

The stomach will be  Small in size, and we will feel full just by eating small quantity of food. 

In addition to this, this diet has a quick effect as well and works to improve the health of our bodies, not to leave large flabbiness, revive the skin, avoid premature aging and maintain youth and vitality.


If you prefer going with keto diet, because it give quick result you can check this program  Click here  


5-Can we go back eating sweets and carbohydrates after the diet?

All it takes to get the results is a little patience, and endurance. 

We know that sugars are delicious and irresistible, and this is very self-evident, everyone loves sweets. 

But, once the mentioned diet completes, we get the perfect body and flat stomach, we can eat sweets once a week and enjoy them without significantly affecting the insulin resistance in the body. 

Once a week on a small stomach, it means reasonable amounts, not raising insulin resistance, maintaining an ideal body, self-confidence, healthy and ideal life.


Finally, we answered the question of how to get a toned stomach.

So, now is the time to started and always remember that is tiring for a little while to stay beautiful and satisfied for our whole life.


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