About green tea.

We present in this article a reviews on green tea fat burner | Guide and tips

All people always prefer to lose weight and maintain their nice shape.

But for many of us, we always do few exercises and eat full fatty food.

So, suggesting green tea for weight loss is not a new advice. But, what about that?

Is it correct that green tea help for losing weight?

So, let’s take a closer look at the wonder weapon green tea for weight loss

Green tea is one of the most popular and healthiest types of tea. 

Many of the effects that are said of green tea have still not been absolutely proven. 

What is certain?

Anyways, the ingredients in green teas are very beneficial for health. Studies relating to healthy teas and especially green teas examine its effects as:

  • Beauty miracles for the skin
  • Weight loss aid
  • Protect your cells from free radicals
  • And much more.
reviews on green tea fat burner
What is green tea benefit

In particular, the flavonoids such as catechins and polyphenols are mentioned again and again in this context. 

These are generally included in all the types of tea. Since green tea, unlike black tea, is not fermented, the active ingredients of the tea plant Camellia Sinensis are contained in it in a much more concentrated and unchanged manner.

Most of the polyphenols and other healthy ingredients are secondary plant substances . 

These determine, for example, the color or taste of a plant. Polyphenols are found in far more plants than the tea plant. However, green tea contains particularly effective polyphenols such as the all-important epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

The many positive effects of green tea

Much of all the health benefits of green tea are due to this. When buying green tea for weight loss or for other wellness effects, it is essential to ensure that it has a high EGCG content .

Thanks to this combination of ingredients, green tea is healthy for:

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Cells and prevents premature cell aging
  • skin and hair
  • metabolism
  • Fat burning
  • Blood sugar and prevents diabetes
  • Blood pressure
  • Liver health
reviews on green tea fat burner
What is green tea benefit

These substances have a variety of effects. But above all, they also help with weight loss. But studies such as the Ohsaki study suggest that green tea has completely different effects .

At least the protection against cell damage , including cancer. 

This is still controversial. What is certain is that green tea contains many antioxidants.

These fight damages from the environment that enter our body via exhaust fumes, tobacco or alcohol. 

Which cause cell damage and thus cause premature aging and, in the worst case, cancer. 

However, drinking green tea every day prevents cell damage and premature aging. At least according to some studies

Green tea as a fat burner

Green tea is known as a real fat burner and the very excellent for the diet . 

However, if you believe that you can lose significant weight with green tea alone, we will unfortunately have to disappoint you.

reviews on green tea fat burner
What is green tea benefit

A cup of green tea with a chocolate bar and still lose weight? That would be nice, but it doesn’t work in reality.

That doesn’t mean that green tea won’t help you lose weight!

On the contrary, the popular tea variety stimulates the lism with a multitude of ingredients . The caffeine contained in green tea, for example, has a positive effect on fat burning. These and other aspects make green tea your ideal companion if you want to lose weight . It will help you maximize the effects of your diet and physical activity.

In order to achieve success in losing weight with green tea, it depends on the right preparation and high-quality varieties . 

In the following, we’ll tell you exactly why green tea can help you lose weight. You will also find out what to look out for when buying, preparing and consuming. 

By the way: For increased fat burning, a dose between 400mg and 500mg EGCG daily is recommended.

Why does green tea help you lose weight?

Over the past few years and decades, a large number of studies have suggested the connection between regular consumption of green tea and boosted fat burning when losing weight. Several ingredients of green tea are associated with this effect in conjunction.

But actually it is neither the green tea itself nor the healthy EGCG that makes the stimulated fat burning. The caffeine that it contains is particularly helpful when it comes to losing weight . This increases the level of norepinephrine in the blood and thus leads to increased energy expenditure (stimulated metabolism).

reviews on green tea fat burner
What is green tea benefit

That is why green tea is the ideal diet companion

In addition to the effects mentioned above, there are many other reasons why you should drink green tea during your diet. In fact, it has many other effects that make it the perfect addition to exercise and diet :

  • Calms digestion
  • Refines the sense of taste and thus reduces cravings for sweet and fatty foods
  • Caffeine, vitamins and minerals in green tea reduce the typical side effects of a diet, such as fatigue, and irritability
  • Works against fungi
  • Polyphenols regulate the hormonal balance
  • Bitter substances can reduce the desire for sugar and promote liver health
  • Reduces fat absorption in the stomach and intestines

Further effects on metabolism and fat burning

Basically, green tea promotes the conversion of the energy absorbed through food into body heat . 

The human body consumes a not insignificant part of the daily calories consumed through its natural heat balance. This is one of the most important ways for the body to get rid of excess energy. By consuming green tea, you stimulate this process, which ideally burns body fat as reserves .

reviews on green tea fat burner
What is green tea benefit

The most important bitter substances in green tea include catechins . These are associated with the body’s fat oxidation.

An important part of green tea that affects fat burning is caffeine. 

The ingredient, also known from coffee and other types of tea, actively stimulates the metabolism and thus helps burn fat. The active ingredient also helps ensure that the insulin level remains stable and that carbohydrates are not released too quickly. Above all, this prevents classic hunger pangs , which become a problem with many diets.

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Which types of tea are particularly suitable?

There are now numerous varieties of green tea available on the market. Not all of them are equally good for losing weight, however. When shopping for the tea leaves or the tea powder, it is essential to pay attention to the high quality from organic cultivation . As well as a high content of EGCG and other polyphenols . Can only be retained with particularly gentle drying and no fermentation. Only then can the tea develop its best possible effect in terms of weight loss and fat release .

Popular and established varieties are Sencha, Matcha or Gunpowder , which in organic quality form a good basis for losing weight with green tea. For the evening hours, Kukicha is recommended as a variety because it contains less caffeine. Thus, Kukicha has less influence on the natural sleep rhythm. The dosage is also very important for the hoped-for effect when losing weight. Three to four cups a day is a good foundation. Here is a brief overview of how some types of green tea work

  • Above all, Sencha promotes fat metabolism
  • Bancha helps against fungi and acidity
  • Gyokuro promotes the sugar metabolism
  • Matcha contains most of the nutrients, catechins, and antioxidants
  • Benifuuki powder helps against cravings for sweets, thanks to bitter substances and catechins

The problem of caffeine tolerance when losing weight with green tea

Caffeine is one of the most important active ingredients when it comes to boosting your metabolism and burning fat. Not everyone reacts to this ingredient in the same way. That depends on the previous lifestyle and the genetic disposition. Some people can ingest large amounts of caffeine without affecting their metabolism. In addition, there is a certain tolerance over months and years if tea or coffee is drunk regularly.

Specifically, this means that if you are used to the effects of coffee and tea , caffeine may be less helpful in burning fat. Of course, this does not exclude the positive effects of the other ingredients. The same applies to the ascribed, positive properties of green tea.

Tips on how to properly prepare green tea

In order for green tea to support you in losing weight, in addition to choosing a high-quality organic variety , it depends on the right preparation . For example, never prepare the green tea with boiling water so as not to destroy the ingredients. Let the boiled water cool down for a few minutes.

The best temperature for most types of tea is between 75 and 80 degrees . The brewing time also influences the effectiveness and taste. As a rule, 90 to 120 seconds are sufficient. A second infusion with the same tea is possible. However, you should use hotter water for this.

reviews on green tea fat burner
What is green tea benefit

Matcha is a concentrated type of green tea and is therefore particularly attractive for weight loss. Here you should put one gram of the fine powder in a bowl for preparation. Then you fill your bowl with hot water and froth the tea with a bamboo whisk. Lush foam formation is an important sign of high quality and varied enjoyment.

Conclusion: Green tea is the ideal diet companion

As described above, green tea alone will not magically help you achieve your dream figure. But it is a perfect aid to maximize the effect of your diet or exercise. The different mechanisms of action ensure that you are more rewarded for your efforts . Accordingly, you should definitely include green tea in your everyday life if you want to lose weight.

Losing weight with green tea is uncomplicated and popular with many connoisseurs. The three to four cups a day are quick to prepare and, compared to other diet concepts, absolutely inexpensive. To further boost fat burning , you shouldn’t just rely on green tea for weight loss. The following tips will help you to increase the desired effect:

  • Limit the time you eat food to eight hours a day. The so-called intermittent fasting also stimulates the body’s own fat burning.
  • Exercise regularly to add additional calories to your diet. Green tea can then help to slow down your feeling of hunger.
  • In addition to green tea, drink plenty of water . This fills the stomach and makes you feel full. In addition, sufficient fluid actively contributes to the promotion of many metabolic processes.

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