Gummy Smile Botox

Gummy smile botox.

If you laugh, you can see your teeth too much! Is it a gummy smile?

What is Gummy Smile?

Gummy smile is a condition in which the gums are too visible and stand out when you laugh.
By the way, Gummy is a gummy, and it is said that when you laugh, you can see the gummy more than 3mm, which is called a gummy smile .

It’s a part that you can’t see by yourself, so it’s often pointed out by people, people’s eyes are directed toward your mouth, and many people notice it by looking at your own photos.

Gummy smile botox

Gummy smile botox

Gummy Smile has such a problem !

Mental stress due to aesthetic problems

Gummy smiles can become a complex for some people because they can see their gums when they laugh.

Some people who are concerned about Gummy Smile may have abnormalities in the muscles around the oral cavity by forcibly moving their lips or, conversely, trying to suppress their movements .
In addition, some people have a habit of covering their mouth with their hands, so at Shidami Dental Clinic, we will ask questions based on the patient’s habits.

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Is it counterproductive to train the muscles around the mouth?

By the way, not only Gummy Smile, but also abnormalities that occur in the body can often improve by strengthening the muscles related to it, but in the case of Gummy Smile, the situation is a little different. This is because, as mentioned above, the muscles around the mouth may work excessively, resulting in a gummy smile, and if you train those muscles, your upper lip will rise further and your gums will become more noticeable. In other words, strengthening the muscles around the mouth can often be counterproductive, as it can exacerbate the symptoms of Gummy Smile. Therefore, it is wise to get the help of a specialist because the symptoms of Gummy Smile may worsen if you try to cure it in your own way.

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Problems of dry mouth

Some Gummy Smiles have difficulty closing their mouths, which makes it easier for them to dry their mouth.
The risk of dry mouth is especially high for maxillary protrusions (so-called protruding teeth).

If your mouth becomes dry, the self-cleaning effect of saliva will weaken

you will be more likely to have tooth decay

your bad breath will be stronger

and you will be more likely to have periodontitis

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Gummy smile botox

Gummy smile botox

What are the main causes of Gummy Smile?

・ Skeletal problems such as malocclusion (improper alignment of teeth such as protruding teeth)

Gummy smiles are more likely to occur if the upper teeth are too low or too forward.

・ Small teeth

If the teeth are naturally small due to heredity, the teeth may appear excessive.

Even if the size of the teeth is normal, if the teeth are overdeveloped and the amount of coverage on the teeth is large, the teeth will look small.

・ The muscles that lift the upper lip are well developed

The muscle that pulls up the upper lip (levator labii superioris) is well developed, and it lifts the upper lip more than necessary .

Other Causes of Gummy Smile

  • Protrusion of upper anterior tooth
  • Upper gum protrusion
  • Excessive lip movement and short lips
  • Long upper jaw in the vertical direction
  • Originally rectangular teeth grow into squares

Gummy smile treatment

Treatment by surgery / correction

It is a treatment method mainly for those who have “skeletal problems such as malocclusion” in the previous section.

Since it cuts the alveolar bone (bone around the teeth) and the mucous membrane in the oral cavity (gingiva, upper lip, etc.), the downtime is long and it interferes with daily life until the treatment is completed .

If you wear orthodontic appliances for treatment, the treatment period will be long.

In many cases , the cost of treatment is as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars .

Adjust the length of the crown with ceramic treatment

It is mainly a treatment method for “smaller teeth” in the previous section.

It is a treatment that adjusts the length of the crown by scraping the original teeth and making a covering.

Since natural teeth are ground together, the life of the teeth is shortened .

Because of self- paying treatment , it is often tens of thousands of dollars the number of teeth to be shaved , which is expensive .

About the purpose of Botox injection

One of the treatments for Gummy Smile is Botox injection. It is a treatment method that adjusts the components extracted from Clostridium botulinum and injects it as a drug, and is also famous as a treatment for gummy smiles. This Botox injection is intended to act on the muscles around the mouth and suppress its activity. Therefore, for Gummy Smile, which is caused by the muscles around the mouth, it is appropriate to proceed with treatment in a direction that suppresses the activity of those muscles.

Botox injection weakens the muscles that lift the lips

This is mainly a treatment method for those who have developed muscles that lift the upper lip in the previous section.

By injecting a botulinum toxin preparation into the muscle that lifts the upper lip (levator labii superioris), it suppresses muscle strength and reduces gummy smile .

Botox injection is a relatively easy treatment because you can make makeup and take a shower from the day of treatment without making an incision . The procedure takes about 30 minutes and there is no downtime.

Since the drug solution is metabolized over time, it is recommended that you receive regular treatment. (Depending on individual differences, the effect lasts for about 3 to 6 months.)

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Gummy smile treatment is possible even with cosmetic surgery, but …
If you use Botox, you will need additional treatment several times a year, so we find some people may have surgery.

Surgery is a radical solution, but many people are afraid of failure. You just want to have a natural smile, but you don’t want your face to change drastically.

As you can see, with Gummy Smile, you may get worse by strengthening the muscles around your mouth, so please be careful. Rather, we can say that weakening the activity of the muscles around the mouth leads to improvement of symptoms. In any case, we can say said that a diagnosis by a dentist is indispensable for the treatment of Gummy Smile, so if you have worry about Gummy Smile, first go to the dentist.

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